About Us.

The Begining

What started as a website for a family member, then became one for a friend and another and another, that's how we started.

Since then, we've made a few changes, and learnt a lot more, but our goals didn't change, we wanted to create beautiful sites that people loved to visit, and that told a story. 12 years on and eightyeighty is recognised for working collaboratively with companies to create, re-imagine and nurture brands.

Our digital solutions and professional services enable businesses to bring together the multiple components of your website, social media, digital content and search engine tactics to one place and by focusing on these areas we are able to help you optimise your online brand and enhance your customer experience.

Being in the digital business, we are also uniquely aware that we must deliver premium support and services to prospective and existing clients. This has always been a philosophy we’ve been proud to enact. Service and support are key cornerstones of our business and we pride ourselves on providing awesome service direct to you, our clients, so you can achieve your business objectives with ease.

We want to prove that we don’t just obtain clients, we partner with them to help them reach their customised goals. “Making our clients successful is our success”.

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